Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Corazon Sagrado" Mirror

I completed this mirror about a week ago, and it's called "Corazon Sagrado" (sacred heart). I intended to have it at the art market on S.Congress last Sunday, but the crazy wind had another plan. I tried to set up my booth, but my table took off onto the sidewalk as though it were made of paper. I've been having some major wind issues, as I lost my tent a couple of months ago to wind. Needless to say, I'll be on S.Congress this Saturday before Easter, pending no natural disasters!

Since my last Sunday was a wash as a work day, I decided to enjoy my surprise day off. :-) I went into some cool shops, and I picked up this postcard titled "The Holy Alliance against sin":

What a great title! It's so serious business! I LOVE Catholic art, I find it very inspiring.

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SugarCain said...

The mirror is beautiful. I'm also a fan of Catholic art. It's always so vivid.


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