Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Muerto Mary y Jesus" Altar

Another altar for your "Day of the Dead" pleasure! Last week was St. Teresa, this week I offer the Virgin Mary. I salvaged this ceramic statue and the vintage shelf she sits on. I just love rescuing old, unloved things, and giving them a fresh life!
Mary took hours of detailed hand painting, but I'm very pleased with the final result.:) This piece will be going up on eBay tonight at 7 p.m. central time. I hope she finds a loving home!


Pili said...

Wow!! I'm amazed by your talent, all that hand-painting!!

Anonymous said...

You are on a roll! Awesome! :)

Brew and Alabaster Disaster said...

I just happened to stumble across your blog, and I adore your work, I am absolutely gushing! I adore Dia De Los Muertos and Calacas related type of things and art

Illustrated Ink said...

Pili & Lost Earring- Thank you ladies, for being so sweet and supportive!

Brew- Welcome to my blog! Thank you so much for leaving me a comment and for your awesome compliment!

Brew and Alabaster Disaster said...

Postage stamps haha, I love having pen pals, its more exciting then just emailing people that live near you, and welcome to my blog BTW :)

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