Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saint Teresa Altar

I'm excited to finish the altar I've been working on the last couple of days! It features St. Teresa on a plaster plaque, that I hand crafted and painted. I added roses, flowers, crosses, a sacred heart with wings, and a banner that reads "MEMENTO MORI". The Latin phrase meaning, "remember death". This piece has everything! I'm going to continue offering hand painted altars as we get closer to Day of the Dead (Nov.2nd).

I also am still having fun painting the papier mache, skull masks. :) I completed a very girly one, it's pink with a cupcake, butterflies, and hearts.

You can find both of these goodies on eBay this week!


Hexotica said...

Fantastic! The alter is "divine". :)

Touchatou said...

Even skulls have the right to be girlie !

The altar is splendid. I find St.Teresa a bit disturbing, beautiful but disturbing. ;) That comes maybe from the fact she was my father's favorite saint. He even added Therese to my names for her... Brrr gives me the chills ! lol

Pili said...

Wow, those are absolutely amazingly done!

Anonymous said...

The altar is awesome! I love what you're doing with the masks--the girly one is so unexpected in a wonderful way :) Here's to colors, bold and bright!

Illustrated Ink said...

You ladies are too kind, thank you!

Touchatou-Apparantly, from what I was reading, St. Teresa is the most popular saint of our modern time. It's funny how our parents likes or dislikes can affect us on so many things. Lol, no St. Teresa altar for you then! ;)

The Lost Earring- Thank you so much, I'm really enjoying these masks.:) Hooray, for colors!!

Mrs. Evils said...

St.Teresa is one of the saints I have tattooed on my forearms. (I have St.Lucy on the other) I never have much luck on I've got everything crossed. Amazing work as always!

Illustrated Ink said...

THANK YOU for bidding, Mrs.E! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you.:)
I bet your saint tattoos are beautiful-are they old school style?

Touchatou said...

It's crazy, no ? I find it very beautiful but I keep having that bizare feeling... I have not been a believer for a long long time, but old habits live long !

Mrs. Evils said...

My saint tattoos are some of my favorites! They're a little more realistic/cartoony than old school. I do have an old school type sugar skull on my muffin top!

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