Thursday, November 5, 2009

Illustrated Ink Shirts are Here!

I've been wanting to offer my art on tees for awhile, but it's taken some time to get it all rolling! So, I'm very excited that the day is finally here, and that they're listed in my Etsy shop. :) I have sizes for both men and women, and they are soft American Apparel tees. Printed in full color by a local screeprinting business. I'm offering Octo-Girl, a Tattoo Peacock in 2 color choices, El Borracho, and Muerto Mary. Please check them out and let me know what you think! ;)


Mother's Moon's Message said...

I love them..... simply love them..

Pili said...

They're gorgeous!! I'm surely adding them to my wish list!!

Brew and Alabaster Disaster said...

I find the Peacock breath taking

Touchatou said...

If you have 2X large for men, I'll take a peacock for sure ! ;) It's absolutely gorgeous !

Illustrated Ink said...

Thank you so much, ladies!

Lulu :), if you would really like a peacock tee in a men's 2XL, I can get you one! I don't have one in stock, but I can easily order one and get it printed for you. Just let me know!

Touchatou said...

I seriously want one ! If it could be in 2X tall it would be perfect but 2X standard is ok too. ;)

Just wait until you have enough orders, please ? I am not in a hurry.

But I will be so proud to wear your art here, up north !

Illustrated Ink said...

Awesome! The shirts actually are longer than standard, so I think they'll fit like a 2XL tall. Lol, I know it's too cold for short sleeves where you live now, it's still in the 70's here. My boyfriend is out back weeding our yard, and planting seeds. Crazy, right?
I'll get you a shirt with my next order. :) Thank you for the love!

Touchatou said...

Planting and weeding ? Lollll Not up here anymore. We are in the middle of indian summer, it is nice and sunny though (about 50).

But t-shirts on a long sleeve shirt is most wearable in this weather ;)

You just tell where I go to pay when you're done. ;)

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