Sunday, December 13, 2009

Poverty Jane

Not too long ago, I met my new friend, Kate, via Etsy! We instantly sparked up long e-mail conversations, and became blog and facebook buddies. It's amazing that I've met such awesome people through my computer, that I feel I know, without ever having seen them face to face. Kate and I agreed to do a trade, she's quite the talented seamstress, among her other skills. I find her so inspiring! Check out her shop on Etsy, PovertyJane. She's making me two handmade shirts (which is amazing to me, since I haven't owned a handmade piece of clothing since I was young and can't sew to save my life). She's also made a beautiful owl hat for my friend's baby, similar to this one:

Kate lives in a beautiful, converted barn house with her family in the Adriondack Mountains. Please take a moment to check out her lovely blog.

In exchange for her handmade items, I created a custom illustration for her. She's a Mother, and loves this image of the Virgin Mary nursing baby Jesus:

She requested that I create it in my own "Dia de los Muertos" style. Very different from the classic painting, lol!

If you like handmade baby items, made of natural upcycled materials-then you need to visit Kate's Etsy shop. I wish I had more babies to buy for, because her items are so lovely! I can't wait to receive my treasures from her!


Pili said...

What a great trade! Your artwork is absolutely beautiful, and her pieces are lovely too!

chandlerguera said...

Beautiful and totally original.

Touchatou said...

Trading is so much fun ;) We do it a lot amongst crafters during shows.

I love the way you did the mother and child in your style. The love is still there. ;)

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