Saturday, January 30, 2010

Master Cleanser - Day 10 - The End!

Ha, I have made it to day 10 of my cleansing detox fast! I have to say that I recommend the Master Cleanse to anyone looking to clean out their system, break addictions (caffeine and sugar were mine), and feel more energized! I will not lie, day 2 was AWFUL for me-I felt like death on a stick. Low energy, headaches, and major cravings. After I got through that, I suddenly felt GREAT, with more energy than I'd had before the cleanse, and my hunger was just gone. Seriously, I've been consuming less than 500 calories a day, and I haven't felt hungry. The mix of maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne left me feeling satisfied. Weird, right? I'm looking forward to returning to a new, healthier lifestyle now that I've gotten through the cleanse. I've lost 10 lbs., and am now closer to my ideal weight (I'd packed on a few pounds over the holidays). I hope to maintain it by avoiding my old eating habits, and getting my workouts rolling again. Strangely, coffee and coke don't even sound good to me anymore. Although, I'm really looking forward to having food tastes again, and not just lemon juice. Tomorrow, I start the ease in back to regular food. The first day is just orange juice, followed by soup, and simple veggies the next 2 days.
Dave, who also did the cleanse with me, did 6 days total. He's a chef, so he was around food constantly, and in the end, he wasn't enjoying the constant hunger pangs. I'm sure being around food constantly would have worn me down too. Still, 6 days was awesome, and he lost more weight than me (lucky, he's a guy) and feels good.
I give this cleanse 2 thumbs up, it was definitely the right detox fast for me!


Touchatou said...

Great for you ! 10 pounds ? Oh my ! You are so tiny already. ;)

Illustrated Ink said...

Aw, thanks Lucie!

PovertyJane said...

woot woot!!! you go girl!!

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