Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Print!

Just listed on Etsy, "Aleta Finds Love"...Aleta is a Spanish name meaning "winged", which I thought was a perfect fit considering the wings of love in her hands and the wings emerging from her head.

I'm so happy that I finally got the time to create a new, full-sized print in my shop! She'd been floating around in my head for awhile. I must be feeling the love, because this is my second piece in a row featuring a heart, lol! I dress like a boy most everyday (jeans, converse, t-shirts), but I so enjoy drawing these elaborate, fantasy dresses for my ladies to wear. If I had this dress, I would wear it! Hmmm, maybe while vacuuming?


Touchatou said...

You always look beautiful, my dear ;)

Illustrated Ink said...

Aww, thanks Lucie!

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