Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marie Antoinette

My inspirations often come from the most surprising things...I was on my new favorite site, swap-bot.com, and was excited to find a swap for items that "Marie Antoinette would have loved". I've always enjoyed the opulence and beauty from that time in French history. Their clothes, wigs, powdered faces, and luxurious surroundings are just so lovely to look upon (although I'm sure the women could barely move in the bodice and layered dresses they wore, lol). I suddenly felt the urge to sketch out my version of Marie, and I just let myself go with the fun of it. You can find her in my Etsy shop!

Would you like to be your own Marie (well, minus her poor guillotine fate)?

Check out these lovely Marie inspired items from Etsy!!

Choose your own sweet Romantic Vintage Cameo Brooch from laralewis:

You will need a stunning ensemble to pin your brooch on...how about one of these beauties from CuriouslyAlice?

Fabulously Floral Cotton Gown

Luscious Lavender Corset

Now you will need something lovely for your hair, perhaps this 1920s Vintage Pearl and Rhinestones Feather Headpiece from xoxoDesigns?

Don't forget your Marie a la Rose mask for the ball by SweetRuin!


erin said...

she's beautiful! love it! great post :)

Pili said...

Your own version of Marie Antoinette is gorgeous! I absolutely love it!

Vic said...

Just gorgeous - I love her, I do! She looks decadent... just like you expect Marie Antoinette to look... 'dead' or not.. ;)

Brian said...

Marie is awesome just like everyting your hands make! Now give me my skull!!! Jk! Hope you're having a awesome week!

Touchatou said...

Just felt the urge to sketch, did you ??? Cause you know, us poor mortals can't sketch halfway like you do !! lollll

Really beautiful ! And I wish I lived in those times when a woman could be a woman. Minus the odors. lollll

Michelle said...

Those wigs are fab! And the dresses! I love your interpretation, very cool! It all reminds me of New Orleans, and old houses and ghosts, so I can see and feel how it all relates. Thanks for feeding my brain with these images and thoughts, puts me in a good frame of mind to ponder artwork :)

Brian said...

This is the first time I heard and been on Swap-Bot! pretty freaken cool! I blame you for not telling me sooner! So, by default that skull should be mine! Just a thought! Hope you have a killer weekend!

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