Monday, June 28, 2010

The Heart & The Hand

I just created these lovelies, inspired by the Mexican Loteria cards, "El Corazon" and "La Mano". I love the Loteria images, they are so simple and timeless. I felt that these two symbols belonged together. Creating that which comes from the heart, expressing love through touch, or even manual labor versus the dreamer. You can find this 5" x 7" print set in my Etsy shop! Here are my paintings next to the Loteria images:


Andréann said...

Great versions! you did a great job they are both beautiful

Pili said...

As always, you manage to bring the images alive in a way that sometimes the originals won't have!

Michelle said...

I love these! What a very cool idea, to work with the Loteria cards. They're beautiful!

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