Monday, July 26, 2010

Time to myself again!

Phew! The last couple weeks have been crazy! I finally have a chance to blog, and create some new pieces. I feel restless when days go by and I don't get to paint and get those creative juices flowing. I've had several custom orders to catch up on, and this past Saturday was my Mom's birthday (had to celebrate, of course!). My boyfriend also just started real estate school, and is taking his career in a new direction. I got some new materials in that I've just been dying to use, here's what I worked on yesterday:

"AMOR" Anatomical Heart Plaque (Wicked, but kind of creepy, right? hee, hee)

Skeleton Birdie Ornaments

Happy Monday, my friends!


Becky Farley said...

Oh I LOVE the amor heart! It's beautiful! I got my prints and mermaid today from your shop and I'm pretty stoked! I can't wait to get home and cut it out! ;)

Illustrated Ink said...

Thanks so much, Becky! Have fun with your paper doll! ;)

Pili said...

Ooooh, the bird ornaments are lovely!
Have you thought of making your menagerie ones, dog, cat, etc in ornament size too? It might be a good idea for Christmas time!

Illustrated Ink said...

That is a good idea, Pili! I hadn't thought about doing the animal menagerie in ornament size. :) I love getting feedback from you guys, it's like I have a creative team to bounce ideas off of!

Brian said...

It's freaking awesome as hell! I'd put that thing right next to my front door to freak everyone out as soon as they walked in!

Becky Farley said...

I really love my mermaid! :)
I blogged about it:

Louis "Causin' Harm" Egan said...

I love the heart, I'm buying it, as soon as I have a home to put it in.

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