Monday, August 23, 2010

Reaching Goals!

"Amor Eterno, Paper Mache Wall Hanging" ~Sold~

This weekend was quite eventful for me, I reached a personal goal for Illustrated Ink that I once hoped for, but didn't know was possible! I reached 1000 sales on Etsy (confetti here, please)! My first year on Etsy (also my first year of Illustrated Ink), I had less than 50 sales. I was mainly selling and focusing on eBay, and still had so much to learn about having an online business (I'm still learning everyday). Then I decided to pay more attention to Etsy, I loved that it was for artists, and it seemed to be more conducive to selling art than eBay. In the last year and a half, my little Etsy shop has grown and I've now reached my first big milestone!

I feel so very, very blessed and grateful to my collectors and supporters, without you, there would be no Illustrated Ink. Before I gave my business a chance, I sat behind a desk at various jobs as a receptionist, answering phones and greeting people. I smiled all day, but inside I felt so unfulfilled. I used to just doodle on scraps of paper behind the desk, people would see them and say "Hey, that's good - you can really draw!" That would just make me sadder, because I wanted to spend my days creating art, but was afraid to follow it and didn't even know how to get there. One day though, I just couldn't stand it anymore and my day job dues had come to an end. From there, I started my long journey to this point, and I can't wait to see what lies down the road ahead. I live my dream of creating art everyday, and I will never take that for granted. This is my cheesy, inspirational story - and I say if you want it, go for it! It will be so hard at times, and a lot of work, and you may fail...but you owe it to yourself to at least try!

I leave you with a happy shot of Lucas (his Mom, Nydia, won my blog giveaway for this frame). Isn't he cute? ;)


MAB Jewelry said...

Yay, and congratulations. With your talent and passion, the sky is the limit. Wonderful.

Zombie Queen said...

Congrats! You are so talented :)

Pili said...

Big big congrats!!!
You are a wonderful artist, and do deserve the chance to spend your time and support yourself doing what you love!

Nydia said...

This post is specially inspirational for me, because I can so easily relate to your story! Working all my life as a secretary, smiling all day but empty inside, knowning I wanted to do something completely different... Since I moved in to mom's, I'm trying hard to keep my Etsy shop alive, it's what I really love doing, and I can be with mylittle witch full-time at the same time. Hope to be like you when I grow up! :o)
Yu so deserve this success, sweetie, your art is absurdly great and your path could only lead you to this stage and more!

Aww... I knew you'd love that pic of Lucas!

Kisses and love from us.

Vic said...

**showers confetti down upon you!**

Congratulations, that is a huge milestone, looooooooove the heart too!

Wendy said...

If people didn't recognize your talent, they everyone is crazy...Your art is so unique and every piece a treasure! I'm going to keep on buying as I break open my piggy bank ; )
Congrats. Leila and may the next thousand bring your happiness, prosperity and dreams come true!

Michelle said...

Congrats! You are truly an inspiration - and an inspiring artist!

Kim-Anh Nguyen Art said...

just discover your blog via strumpets crumpets... i love your art! keep it up !

Nacreous Alchemy said...

Congratulations!!! You are such an incredible artist I'm glad you decided to follow your dream. You are definitely an inspiration to those of us starting out. :)

garry said...

In these post there are so many things which is really great. There are so many grateful collectors and supporters that can give a chance for the business.

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