Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bread Box

Phew, I just finished painting and listing a large bread box! I have been looking at my bread box "collection" that I've been acquiring over the last 2 years, and finally decided I should paint one! This one was handcrafted over 20 years ago and is solid wood. It's a bit weathered, but with its darker stain, it looks like old Mexico to me. :) I tend to like things that have a bit of ware and a story to them. This one took me hours to paint, mainly because each side is a mini painting. First, I free hand the design in black paint, come back in with layers of color, and then fine tune and add shading:

Update: Sold - Thank you, Mother's Moon! ;)


Hoot-n-Andy LLC said...

I love that you left the base of it alone to keep the weathered wood look....a very beautiful contrast indeed :)

Pili said...

What a wonderful wonderful piece! Whoever buys it will be a very lucky one! That'd make any kitchen a cooler place!

Mother's Moon said...

early Christmas shopping... so glad I did not miss out on this one... love it

nitebyrd said...

It was well worth the effort! It's gorgeous!

Michelle said...

Beautiful! As is everything of yours I see here! I love it all!
I've gotten really far behind in commenting on posts here, and I do apologize. I'm seeing the art, then forgetting to thank the artist... shame on me! :) The watercolors were awesome too!

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