Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I love this time of year! Dave and I went to our yearly Halloween party as Gypsies (as are most things with us, it was last minute costume planning, and we were pleased with what was pulled together from my thrift store hunting!). Our hosts, Roman and Jana, were a wolf couple, with the most precious wolf baby....;)

They went all out with decorating for this party! They even had a satin lined coffin and a hearse parked out front!

I created a Ouija board for them, that Dave cut on the scroll saw and I hand painted. It's my first Ouija board, and I'm very pleased with the results! ;)

It was displayed in their "Exorcist" themed room. It was dark with a strobe light in there, and quite spooky!

I hope everyone has a fun Halloween! Off to our neighborhood "pumpkin patch" to go pick up pumpkins to carve tonight. :)


Linda in New Mexico said...

You two look so adorable...we love us some gypsy do's at Casa de Cuckoo. And the party musta been fun...looks great.
I love your Quija board, as always you did a rockin job. Oma Linda my paper dolls just in time for Dia de Los Muertos and they will be on my post on Tuesday. Thanks

Pili said...

Great idea! Super fun and quick costumes! Looks like the party was a blast! And the board is gorgeous!

Happy Halloween!!

Casey said...

I love Halloween parties! The one you went to looks like it was awesome! That Ouija board came out perfect!

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