Saturday, February 11, 2012

Big Eyed Kitty

While on one of my thriftin' expeditions, I came upon a pair of plaster cats from 1972. Hmmm, more like I felt their gigantic eyes staring at me from the shop shelf...I brought them home, and while my original intent was to paint the actual pieces, I decided to utilize my mold making supplies. I thought I'd like to have the option to make more of these little creatures with variations in color and floral designs, and that's where having a mold is awesome. :) The first of these painted kitties is in my Etsy shop, and here's a shot of the original and my painted version:


Pili said...

As I was already expecting, I love your painted version so much more!

Great idea the mold making, many big eyed kitties to come!

Oh Strumpets! said...

Oh that one is so great!! We have a cat now - she's moved in haha I like her, she's no Mickey, but I definitely have a soft spot for her! :)

jmk said...

Oh oh OH! Please, please make more! :)

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