Monday, January 24, 2011

The Virgin Rose

"Mini Painted Chair" by The Virgin Rose

I'd like to share my new favorite Etsy shop with you, TheVirginRose (don't you just love that name?)! For those of you that love Mexico, color, folk art, bling, and awesomeness (which of course, you do!) - you must check out her creations. I'm thrilled that Madeline (the woman and artist behind "The Virgin Rose") agreed to do a trade with me. :) I am eagerly awaiting my package from her, but here are some goodies currently available in her shop similar to what I'll be receiving:

"Mexican Tree of Life" Ceramic Sculpture by The Virgin Rose

Assorted Folk Art Crosses, click here to view the rustic "Lady of Guadalupe" Cross by The Virgin Rose

Madeline has a section in her shop of Frida art, featuring beauties like this "Frida Mannequin Bust" by The Virgin Rose (This piece was not part of our trade, but I adore it! Will someone buy if for me, please?)

For the treasures above, I traded Madeline one of my skullerfly wall hangings, she was kind enough to send me pics of it:

Please check out TheVirginRose on Etsy, I know you'll enjoy Madeline's creations as much as I do!


Pili said...

Wow! She has an absolutely wonderful shop!

Unknown said...

She has real talent, love it all

Anonymous said...

Thank you!
I'm so honored to be featured in this wonderful blog! X

Wendy said...

I had to head on over to "The Virgin Rose" and oh oh, more trouble to get into. I'd love to see more of the Etsy shops you love and Etsy treasuries you make. Thanks for letting us all know about her shop.

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