Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spoiling Myself....

Valentine's Day is a time to show others your love, but after a recent overflow in my mailbox - I'm realizing all the packages seem to be to me from me...hmmm, is that wrong? Well, in a way I'm showing love to some of my favorite creative people that I've been so lucky to connect with in my online world.

First, I received my package from "The Virgin Rose", whom you can read about in my blog post (from a year ago, already!?) here, and visit her fab Etsy shop here! When I first saw this, I think I stopped breathing for a is just too marvelous that Madeline combined Frida, Mexican folk art, and mermaids into one fantastic piece! I mean, this was made for me (seriously, how could I not get it?) !

Next, I received my package from "Oma Linda", which was full of what she calls "Not Quite Right Hearts". These are sooo right to me, I purchased a couple from her last year and fell in love with them. So, I had to have more this year to give to my family and friends for Valentine's Day (okay, okay - this package wasn't all for me)! They are such a fun collage of love, color, and craftiness. They remind me of everything I adore most about the artist markets in Mexico. Please check out Linda's Etsy shop here for your own hearts and one of her fabulous blogs here (where I'm currently her featured artist *blush*)! I already gifted three of the hearts before taking a photo, but here are a couple for you to see:

Last, but not least, I received my package from "Michelle's Art is Life"! I saw on her blog, that she started offering crocheted bracelets in her Etsy shop, and I thought they were so cool. Not to mention, Michelle smudges and blesses them - which offers positive energy, protection, and abundance. I love that aspect! I requested a simple, black one with an Indian Head Nickel button. She even blessed mine additionally on her full moon altar AND sent me an awesome bonus bracelet with a skull button. *Pssst* Michelle is currently having a giveaway on her Facebook page!

Thank you so much to these ladies for bringing a smile to my face and enriching my life with their fabulous creations! xx


OmaLindasOldeBaggsandStuftShirts said...

Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. I do so appreciate lovely bloggies like you. Thanks for the order and I am glad you liked them. I love it that you kept the pink one.
I adore the Frida mermaid and the bracelets are wonderful. Wow, Happy Valentines to you indeed. Give Edward a smooch for me. Oma Linda

Illustrated Ink said...

Linda, I soooo want to keep the pink one for myself, but will be mailing it to my Grandma on Monday. She adores Frida too and likes pink, so I think it will be a hit!

Pili said...

Loving oneself is always the first step to loving others and to be loved! And I'm sure you do deserve some love!

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks for the mention! So glad you like it, it looks fab on your wall with all your other goodies! love the swallow! :) Happy V day to you! be in touch! xxx

Wendy S. said...

You definitely deserve lots of pretties and love for Valentines Day! And wow, you got some beautiful items. Now, I'm going to have to go visit the Etsy shops and check everything out : )

Michelle Phillips said...

Wow, you changed your blog header... I LOVE it!
Thank you so much for sharing the love! May it resonate right back to you!

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