Wednesday, June 11, 2008

KALI gets a new face!

So, I was strolling around Savers the other day, looking for an old treasure to give a new life to as one of my painted creations...when I saw it! It was pink and covered in some hideous gold leaf and speckled paint. Underneath, I could see its fine hand carved features, most likely from Thailand. It begged me to bring it home and give it a respectable existence once again! I lovingly sanded it free of the hideous paint job, and set out to create "Kali"...

Kali is a Hindu goddess associated with death and destruction. Despite her negative connotations, she is not actually the goddess of death, but rather of Time and Change. Devotional movements largely conceive Kali as a benevolent mother-goddess.

I haven't decided where she will end up, eBay or the Pecan St. Festival. Hopefully, she will find a good home where they won't paint her pink!

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