Saturday, August 1, 2009

On the Road Again....

It's almost time! My boyfriend and I leave on a 16 day road trip up the East coast this Thursday. So excited for the adventure and vacation! We are going to New Orleans, Panama City Beach, Savannah, Atlantic City Beach, New York City, Salem, and Boston.
I'm going to take many photo's to post when I return. :) I will also have plenty of car time, so I'll be working on some new art for my Etsy shop and some other fun stuff! When I return, I'll have my blog giveaway for August, yay!

My awesome Mom will be handling all the shipping for my business while I'm away, and my Etsy shop will still be going.:) Unfortunately, I won't have anything new on eBay until I return (thought I would, but I'm so busy!). I'm also bringing my laptop on vacation, hard to believe I ever lived without it. Yikes, that's a bad sign!

Happy August, everyone! :)


mrsb said...

That sounds like a freaking awesome trip! Have fun!

Kate8085 said...

Dude! SOunds like an awesome trip, have an awesome time!
If you just so happen to drive thru or by Kentucky..
you know the old Three's Company saying..
"Come and knock on my door..."
Don't work too much while on this excursion!

Illustrated Ink said...

Thanks ladies! :)

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