Thursday, August 6, 2009

Arrggghhh, Pirate Chest!

Do you need a hiding place for your treasure or maybe just storage for your bread?
Than this pirate bread box is perfect for you! Designed to look like a treasure chest, I just listed this lovely on eBay tonight. Very different from my usual "Day of the Dead" pieces, but still fun! Bidding starts at only $9.99, check it out here!


Wraylee said...

LOVE it! The whole piece is GREAT! I just adore old school tattoo style sparrows and have been trying to find just the right one for my next tattoo ;)

mrsb said...

That is totally cool!

Kate8085 said...

Oh good lord, in our kitchen colors and everything!!!!!

Illustrated Ink said...

Thank you, ladies! What awesome feedback! I'm always hesitant to stray from my "Day of the Dead" theme, because it's my most popular. It's fun to do a different piece though, and nice to hear that it's appreciated. :)

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