Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dulcinea & Honey Bees Painting

I just watched "The Secret Life of Bees" last week, and was very inspired! I read the book by Sue Monk Kidd, and really enjoyed it, but for once-I actually liked a movie more than the book it was based on. I do believe that bees have a secret, intricate life that we never really think about-amazing, really.
So, I decided to do a nature inspired piece, featuring a sugar skull beauty named, "Dulcinea". She's surrounded by lush flowers and her bee companions float around her. The honeycomb was a lot of fun to paint! I created her on raw wood with a rough bark edge, to add to the natural theme.
I listed her on eBay tonight and I hope she and the bees find a loving home! :)
Check her out here!


Pili said...

Absolutely lovely! What a great piece of art!

Wraylee said...

She is GORGEOUS! Great inspiration too :)
I received my earrings on Friday. There was a double rainbow over our farm as I checked the mail...soooo beautiful, talk about cold chills! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them, thank you!

MAB Jewelry said...

That image is so lovely.

Illustrated Ink said...

Pili & MAB Jewelry- Thank you so much, ladies!

Wraylee- Thank you, I'm so happy that you love your earrings! :)
That double rainbow sounds like it was beautiful-very cool!

Touchatou said...

What a great idea ! The nature theme is just wonderful. ;) I like when you tell what has inspired you, it gives a new vision of your art.

Thanks a lot !

Illustrated Ink said...

Thanks, Touchatou! That's good feedback, I will do that in the future! ;)

PovertyJane said...

lovely my lovely!!

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