Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Viva Frida!

Today is "Cinco de Mayo" (Spanish for "fifth of May"), and living here in Texas, it's a big day. It's a holiday held on May 5 that commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Usually there are a lot of celebrations going on downtown, and it's a good excuse to eat tasty Mexican food and drink.
It got me thinking about one of my favorite Mexican icons, Frida Kahlo. I'm sure most of you know Frida, she was a passionate painter with uniquely beautiful features. Her art and life are incredibly inspiring to me. I just listed one of my wood paintings of her in my Etsy shop:

I love these Frida Postcards, by A FANCIFUL TWIST and I had to share them! Aren't they lovely?


Pili said...

Feliz 5 de Mayo!
I love those skull paintings of Frida!

Touchatou said...

A battle with french troups ! Didn't know that one ! lolll

I always tought she was such a special lady. Loved the movie with Salma and Alfred Molina. Isn't he a splendid actor ? ;)

Love your paining of her !

Illustrated Ink said...

You know how those French are, Lucie!! Lol! ;)

I loved the Frida movie too, have it recorded so I can watch it again and again.

Thank you ladies for the compliment to my Frida skulls!

Nacreous Alchemy said...

Beautiful Frida skull paintings! By the way I didn't sell the Frida shadow box at the Black Market, if you are still interested I'll be listing it next week on my shop. :)

Illustrated Ink said...

I'm all over it!! If you want to save the listing fee, and invoice me through Paypal directly, let me know! ;)

chandlerguera said...

Thanks for the Frida-inspired post! Love her!

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