Monday, August 2, 2010

Blue Diamond Stamp Company

I just have to share my fantastic new purchase with you! I've been wanting to find a fun way to spruce up my Illustrated Ink packages, and have had the hardest time finding the right image. Then...I stumbled upon BlueDiamondStamps on Etsy! Hello! So many great and unique stamps to choose from. I had a few in mind, but then I saw that Liz (the artist behind Blue Diamond) takes custom stamp orders. I figured it would be out of my budget, but her custom work is completely affordable. I was able to send her my image, and she made it into the perfect stamp for me! She was such a pleasure to do business with, prompt and courteous. Now, I can label my packages with my very own artwork, no more being frustrated trying to find an image that represents my business.
Her stamps are so easy to use as well. They are clear and you simply attach them to a clear, acrylic block. You can see right through the stamp, so you can place it exactly where you want! You only need one block, as it can be used over and over with any stamps from her shop.

If you are an Etsy seller, this is such a great way to put a distinctive brand on your packaging - you won't be disappointed! If you just enjoy stamps, then you have to check out her shop. I know you'll find something that you must have for your stamp collection! Here are a few of my fav's:

Sailor's Tattoo Set

Heart with Bird and Banner

Human Eye


Pili said...

That's absolutely gorgeous! And I'm so glad you found a way to brand your packages, with your own image!!

Nydia said...

Wow, this is one of the coolest ideas ever for personalizing one's s´hop! Loved your stamps, they'll be awesome in everything - and you can play with different colors!

Thanks for sharing, Leila, her shop is now on my favorites!


Becky Farley said...

Those are pretty awesome! I need to check out that shop! So she could do my Strumpet's logo? Interesting :)

Anonymous said...

nice leila! they are gorgeous!!!

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