Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun with paper dolls!

I spent most of yesterday, designing and playing with my paper dolls! (Isn't my job tough?) I have so many characters that I want to bring to life, I could probably spend weeks straight making these. ;) Here are my two newest ladies, they belong to the "Vintage Circus" series:

"Sapphire, the sword swallower"

I designed Sapphire's head, so it can tilt open to allow her to "swallow" the sword in her hand. Neat, right? :D

"Davina, the fortune teller" and "Gypsy"

Davina comes with a friend. :) I did a mini version of my beloved cat, Gypsy, to keep Davina company.

Happy Thursday everyone, the weekend is almost here! ;)


Pili said...

What wonderful dolls!

I'm particularly keen on the Tarot reader and her gorgeous cat! It's a wonderful homage to Gypsy too!

Great job, Leila!

Becky Farley said...

Oh wow Leila!!
The sword swallower is awesome and the future tell and gypsy is wonderful!! Very special!
You are so talented :)

Vic said...

Oh I ADORE Sapphire - just beautiful!

Michelle said...

These ladies are so very cool! What a wonderful idea, to make paper dolls! And so colorful too! I love them!
And the kitty... so precious!

jmedrano89 said...

i totally love them. all of your paper dolls are so epic. love them.

Wendy said...

Oh oh, if you keep making these fantastic creations I'll be broke. Like Pili I love Davina, hmmmmm ;)

Nydia said...

Awesome, Leila! Love them both, but this gypsy lady... What a sweet tribute! :o)


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