Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vintage Style Toys!

I recently posted this rocking horse on Etsy, and it sold within the hour to a lovely lady in England. Yay, feel so loved when that happens! I got some great feedback on Facebook too on it, and it got me to thinking about vintage style toys. When I started wood crafting, I checked out all kinds of books on making toys (I just love the old style pull toys and jumping jacks). I make my paper dolls for adults, because I feel that adults should still get to conjure up their childhood memories and play! That's how I feel about old wooden toys, so my little wheels have been turning. I also have friends with kids, that have expressed an interest in "unique" toys for their kiddos. I'm not necessarily meaning that I would paint them all to be skeletal, DOTD style, but vibrant with roses and other embellishments. Do you guys remember the simple toys of your youth? Here are some fun examples:

This adorable squirrel is by Matsutake!

Halloween Jumping Jacks!


Pili said...

I'm not surprised it sold immediately, it was wonderful!

Michelle said...

These are awesome! I really like the Halloween Jumping Jacks! Your rocking horse is just adorable!

Action Jackson said...

Love the rocking horse. Can't wait to see what you end up doing for the other vintage toys!

Wendy said...

EVERY time you post, Leila on your new treasures I have to stop myself from running over to your shop! You are so incredibly talented and your crafts come from the heart and spirit so it doesn't surprise me that they sell so quick. thanks for stopping by on eWitch and can't wait for you to be a guest blogger when I get up enough courage to "open" my kitty blog. We're going to have to talk more about tatt's my illustrated sister ; )

Becky Farley said...

I am right there with Wendy lol Seriously! I love them all so much! I was curious if you'd ever combine four of the paper dolls into a pack or something :) I want 4 of them lol

Illustrated Ink said...

Thank you ladies!!

Thank you so much, I try to create from my heart and spirit (my pieces all feel like my children).
I look forward to your kitty blog! We will definitely talk more about ink! ;)

If you're interested in ordering 4 dolls, send me an Etsy convo, and I'll offer you a multi-purchase discount! ;)

Nydia said...

Your rockling horse is one of the cutest I've seen! You should start making some vitage toyes indeed, they would sell like water!


Nacreous Alchemy said...

The rocking horse was amazing no surprise it sold right away. I love the idea of vintage toys. Can't wait to see any you may do!

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