Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Going nutty!

"Squirrel Pull Toy" ~Sold~

I've completed another pull toy! These are so much fun to make! I named this little guy, "Felippe". ;) We have sooo many squirrels in our yard, as we have two huge Pecan trees. I love to watch them scamper around, and they make a noise at my cats, that sounds like they're laughing at them. My kitties will never catch them, and they think that's pretty funny (I'm also quite thankful for that)!

"Anatomical Heart Plaque"

I also just listed another anatomical heart piece in my Etsy shop, and I finished up my anatomical heart piece for the Zzyzx Gallery of Natural Science in Los Angeles. They are having an exhibit on "Anatomy and Disease" in October, very Halloween appropriate! Speaking of Halloween, it's putting a smile on my face to see all the Halloween goodies flooding the stores. I can never get enough of all the glittery and ghoulish decor! Hooray, we're coming into my favorite time of year - I'm definitely a Fall/Winter girl. Summer in Texas is just sweltering hot and the mosquitos are serious business. I can't wait for that first crisp breeze of Fall to blow through!


Nacreous Alchemy said...

That squirrel is adorable! I love the whole pull toys idea. :)

Hoot-n-Andy LLC said...

wow! that squirrel turned out BEAUTIFUL! i am really loving these little pull toys....we just may need one around here :)

*cough* elephant! *cough* :)

Pili said...

That squirrel is so lovely!! And I love squirrels too! I'm glad your cats don't catch them!

And I can't wait to see more pull toys!

Illustrated Ink said...

Lol, Jen! Did someone say elephant?! ;)

Thanks for the love, ladies!

rox said...

Oh Leila I was just going to write you and I see you've been busy !
I got the check today ☺
I also will write you about that gift for Natasha ;-)
her b-day is in april so maybe by then , lots of time etc.
for now I am sending her the link for your hello kitty ☺
I love the squireel ! very autumney
lov rox

Anonymous said...

love it! love it!! oh my, my, my!!

Michelle said...

Felippe is adorable! Such detail! He has his own acorn! Precious!
That anatomical heart tho, is my favorite thing you've made! I absolutely LOVE it!
I'm a Halloween baby, and have been waiting months for all the Halloween goodies to come out... drool....
I'm loving the crisp, cool mornings here, as well!

Zedral Z said...

Everything you make is fantastic! I do something similar with figurines and such, but not nearly well enough to take photos. I love, love, love this squirrel.

Kim-Anh Nguyen said...

that squirrel is totally awesome! love it so much!

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