Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vintage Style Lockets

"My Heart Sees You" Locket Necklace

Labor day weekend I was in the Etsy vortex (you know what I mean, where you look at one listing that leads you to another...and another...until your time has been completely swallowed). I started checking out the jewelry supplies, because I miss selling my jewelry, but the previous versions were just too time consuming and I had so many other projects that I wanted to get to. If you haven't noticed, I get so into all kinds of mediums, that I have a hard time staying focused on one thing. This is both a blessing a curse, sigh. Anyway, I digress, back to my fashion I got super excited about these vintage style lockets that I stumbled upon! Supply sellers were featuring them with these cool acrylic dome cabochons. These domes magnify your tiny image, and make them appear to glow. I ordered the various supplies I needed, and waited for all my little packages. I put a few together yesterday (assuming it would be a crafting disaster, as jewelry making is still quite foreign to me). Low and behold, they actually turned out pretty cool (hee, hee, if I do say so myself)! I'm starting with two images, but I'll add more if these seem to get any interest. :) In fact, stay tuned, because I feel a locket giveaway coming on!!!

"Day of the Dead Hello Kitty" Locket Necklace


Laura said...

i love these and would love it if you had one as a giveaway!!! :)

Pili said...

*gets super excited about the giveaway*

I think the lockets are amazing, I love the DOTD Hello Kitty so much!

Great job, Leila!

Michelle said...

I completely LOVE them! Very unique idea, and unique pieces. Wonderful! To be able to carry art around with you... how awesome!

Mother's Moon's Message said...

as always I love it...

Wendy said...

Me LIKEY ;) Leila, magnificent and drooling here, lol...You just keep making more things that I want, which of course will make me broke, but hey, at least I have great art :)

gwenstella said...

love the day of the dead hello kitty! and i think your blog header is so cool!!! :D

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