Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I seem to be getting back on track! My long list of projects has come to the end, and I've scheduled myself to paint like a mad woman (more like a happy woman) for the next 2 weeks...love it! While I can't truly complain about creating art in any form, whether it be custom or inventory, it's so nice when I can simply create what I'm inspired to in the moment. I have some pieces cast that I've never painted before, just waiting for me to explore their possibilities. I also have all kinds of new print and stationary ideas bouncing around in my head. I've been feeling so very restless not getting to pursue the ideas in my mind, and my fingers get itchy for the paintbrush. ;)

To kick off my week, I started with a Mary bust. While she's a regular in my shop - I painted a new style veil that I think is so delicate and pretty! I also went to town with the feminine colors, not Mexican traditional by any means, but something different:

"Jardin Mary"(Garden Mary) ~Sold~

Next, I painted a kitty statue! The eyes have the same look Mr. Meow gives me when he wants me to pet his head and scratch under his chin. :)

"Day of the Dead Cat Statue" ~Sold~


Linda in New Mexico said...

Your work is so kewl. I just love it. Oma Linda

Barbara - The Tattooed Housewife said...

your work is so amazing! i will be buying something from your shop whenever i move at the end of the year. need that extra christmas money first!

rox said...

Oh I love Momma Mary one so much Leila ! this one is really special I think ☺
Leila I gave the bread box & tv tables to my sil to try and paint .I just thought you need not be bound by personal orders but rather flow with where you are led . we need more day of the dead art work up here lol so maybe my sil will be inspired ;-) I sent your link for the wedding topper as her dh is catering a wedding that has requested a Mexican theme .I thoght your work might inspire them along ☺
lov rox

Pili said...

The new style you've used for the Mary bust is gorgeous, but I so totally adore the lil kitty statue! So so super cute!

And hooray for having time to create whatever you feel like! Inspiration for the win!! I can't wait to see what all you make!

The Woodwife said...

As you know I love your Mary and kitty is very cool too!!

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