Saturday, September 24, 2011

My paper dolls come to life!

Lisa, a student at City College of San Fransisco, asked if she could animate my paper dolls for a mini clip advertising their film festival. I got so excited at the thought of seeing my characters come to life, that of course I agreed! :) I just had to share it, as I'm thrilled with the result! (all the dolls are mine, except for the very first top hat lady)

Pretty fun, right!?


Pili said...

Ooooh, that was awesome!

It's soooo cool seeing your dolls in motion!

Linda in New Mexico said...

this was too kewl. I love you dolls and this was the perfect venue to show them off. Congrats. Oma Linda

nitebyrd said...

That is SO cool!

chandlerguera said...

Love it!

Michelle said...

This is the coolest thing since sliced bread :) Congrats! They look fabulous! I'm excited for you because it was such an awesome way to show off your dolls!! Love it!
I've been working my tail off here, trying to get something finished :) and haven't been around much, but know I'm always listening and drooling over your art! <3

Lola Vidal said...

(Thanks for the quick save!) Good job on the movie - looks awesome. Hopefully this will lead to a tattoo-doll web-series... ;)

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